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MacintoshGOD.com is a portal that connects Macintosh Computer & Apple Products users to vital Apple & Macintosh resources, including news sites, e-books, recommended products (through Amazon.com) as well as other useful links. It is designed to be a user-friendly site that provides access to only top-tier resources for Macintosh Computer & Apple Products users.

MacintoshGOD.com was founded by Chris Capelle, a veteran of the 1990s tech wars. Starting in sales at the now-defunct MacWarehouse, he soon moved on to more lucrative endeavors in the industry. In the ensuing years, he has enjoyed a storied career in many prestigious Macintosh-intensive sites worldwide.

Today, he’s a freelance Macintosh Computer & Apple Product Expert and provides services that helps clients all over the globe. He has also written multiple books on technology, all of which are available at Amazon and in Apple’s e-book store.

When he’s not working, Capelle can be found running half marathons, traveling, mountain biking, blogging and attending heavy metal concerts. He currently lives in Connecticut with his two adorable children.

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